Corporate Named Virtual IBANs

Corporate Named Virtual IBANs

Wire Wallet’s Corporate Named Virtual IBAN service provides businesses with a simple and secure way to manage their banking needs. Virtual IBANs are International Bank Account Numbers that can be used for the purpose of receiving and sending payments. With Wire Wallet’s Corporate Named Virtual IBANs, businesses can have multiple accounts in different currencies, making it easy to manage international payments.

This service is particularly useful for companies that need to make payments in different currencies. Wire Wallet’s Corporate Named Virtual IBANs can be tailored to meet specific business requirements and can be set up quickly and efficiently. With this service, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with international transactions by ensuring that all payments can be made and received without complications.

Why use Wire Wallet

Features that make Wire Wallet Stand out

Multiple currency accounts

Wire Wallet's service allows businesses to have multiple virtual IBAN accounts in different currencies. This feature enables businesses to easily manage international payments without the hassle of currency conversions.


Fast and easy setup

Wire Wallet offers a quick and efficient setup process for Corporate Named Virtual IBANs. Businesses can start using their virtual accounts within a short timeframe, minimizing any delays in their banking operations.


Enhanced security

With Wire Wallet's service, businesses can mitigate the risk of payment fraud. By using virtual account numbers instead of traditional bank account numbers, Wire Wallet helps protect sensitive banking information and strengthens security measures.


Cost-effective solution

Wire Wallet's Corporate Named Virtual IBANs offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional banking services. Businesses can benefit from competitive fees and exchange rates, ultimately reducing transaction costs associated with international payments.


Dedicated customer support

Wire Wallet provides dedicated customer support to assist businesses throughout their journey. Whether it's onboarding, troubleshooting, or general inquiries, businesses can rely on knowledgeable professionals to help them every step of the way.


Fequently Asked Questions

A virtual IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is a digital or virtual representation of a bank account typically used for receiving and sending payments. These virtual accounts can be issued by a Banking-as-a-Service provider, and businesses or individuals can use them to send and receive payments using unique payment information.

A physical IBAN (International Bank Account Number) refers to a real, tangible bank account with a unique number that identifies the account holder, bank, and country. It represents an actual bank account opened with a financial institution and is typically used for receiving and sending payments.

On the other hand, a virtual IBAN is a digital or virtual representation of a bank account. It is not associated with a physical bank branch or a specific account held with a financial institution. Instead, it serves as an alphanumeric identifier that can be used for payment transactions, but the actual funds are routed to a different, physical bank account.

Virtual IBANs offer several benefits that make them an attractive option for businesses and financial institutions. Firstly, they provide a quick and streamlined account setup process, requiring fewer documentation requirements and reducing administrative hassle. Secondly, virtual IBANs facilitate cost-effective cross-border payments by minimizing fees and offering competitive exchange rates. Additionally, virtual IBANs enhance payment reconciliation through separate virtual accounts for each transaction or customer, making tracking and monitoring easier. They also offer multi-currency capabilities, enabling businesses to transact in various currencies, which is advantageous for international operations. Moreover, virtual IBANs provide flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to easily adapt to changing needs by adding or removing virtual accounts and adjusting payment flows. Overall, virtual IBANs offer convenience, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility for businesses looking to optimize their payment processes and expand their international reach.

Client Testimonials

Efficiency at its Best:

"Wire-Wallet has truly revolutionized the way we handle transactions. The efficiency of their payment service is unparalleled. Every transaction is processed seamlessly, saving us time and ensuring our financial operations run like clockwork. It's a game-changer for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient payment solution."

Swift Onboarding Experience:

"We were amazed at how fast and straightforward the onboarding process with Wire-Wallet was. In a matter of minutes, we were up and running, ready to make and receive payments hassle-free. This level of speed and simplicity is a rare find in the world of payment service providers, and Wire-Wallet delivers on its promise of a quick and efficient onboarding experience."

Exceptional Team Support:

"What sets Wire-Wallet apart is not just their cutting-edge technology but also the incredible team behind it. The support we received during the onboarding process and subsequent transactions has been nothing short of exceptional. The Wire-Wallet team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always ready to go the extra mile to ensure a smooth experience for their clients."

Lightning-Fast Transactions:

"Wire-Wallet stands out for its remarkable speed in processing transactions. Whether it's domestic or international payments, the platform ensures that our money moves swiftly and securely. This speed is crucial for our business, and Wire-Wallet has become an invaluable partner in our quest for efficiency and prompt financial transactions."

Professionalism Redefined:

"The level of professionalism exhibited by Wire-Wallet is truly commendable. From their user interface to customer support, every aspect reflects a commitment to excellence. It's reassuring to work with a payment service provider that values professionalism as much as we do. Wire-Wallet has become an integral part of our business operations, contributing to the overall professionalism of our financial transactions."

Secure and Professional Transactions:

"Wire-Wallet has redefined the way we approach financial transactions. The robust security measures ensure that every payment is not only efficient but also carried out with the highest level of professionalism. Trust is paramount in our industry, and Wire-Wallet's commitment to security and professionalism has made them our go-to payment service provider."

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