What is an e Wallet?

If we take the history of payments way back, we can identify how the economic sector has evolved, thanks to technology’s evolution. Back in the old days, people utilized different forms of payments, such as exchanging a product with a different one. Nowadays, transactions are much different. We can fast and easily check our balance and complete our transactions through our e Wallet account. And… here comes the question: What is an e Wallet?

Electronic wallets (eWallets for short), are digital bank accounts that allow their holders to store their funds and perform online transactions. Simply by using a mobile phone, computer, or tablet, account holders can pay bills, their family, or proceed to other online purchases, in the comfort of their home. In order to achieve that, users need to connect their bank account first, their personal information, as well as the recipient’s details and the amount of money they would like to send.

WireWallet offers two types of eWallet accounts: corporate and personal accounts. On the one hand, the business account requires a full corporate deck: the company’s name, email, etc. On the other hand, when opening a personal eWallet account, the user needs to accord a few personal details, such as his/her name, surname, email and mobile number. Both registrations provide their users the ability to access over 40 multi-currency accounts, anywhere and anytime, just by logging into their account. Therefore, they can send and receive funds in multiple currencies 24/7.

The currency exchange capability and 24/7 support are just a few of the benefits that WireWallet provides to its customers. The two-factor authentication protocol is another important advantage since it delivers a safe transaction process for the completion of all transactions.

Open an eWallet account with WireWallet, the best online payment solutions provider, and start digital banking safely!

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